Thursday, October 27, 2011

Physical Therapy

Pretty early on, we realized that Jackson let his little head fall towards his right shoulder all the time. Liiiiiike... really bad. Please see the picture below.
We never really knew why he tended to do that, but at one point Mamaw mentioned to Mom that it may have been because his position dropped about 6 weeks before he was born and kinda got stuck a certain way. We can guess that he was basically like that (above) inside my tummy for over a month. 

So at his 2 month appointment, we asked Jack's doctor if there was anything I could be doing to help correct it. She said that it wasn't anything too serious, but she recommended that we go to physical therapy once or twice to learn some specific neck exercises I could do with him. 

When I was working with him on tummy time, it was really hard for him to hold his head up since one side of his neck seemed to be stronger than the other. So, if you remember my complete surprise when he lifted his head up on my video 2 weeks ago - it really was a real surprise! 

We had our second physical therapy appointment last Friday and by Becca (the PT) just moving his hands underneath his chin (rather than just letting whatever happen happen, like I was doing), he immediately starting holding his head up STRAIGHT! Look at this!!

What a PROUD mommy moment for me! And we learned several things that we can be doing with him to continue to help him grow and learn. I don't know how many more times we will go to physical therapy, but I'm definitely glad to know a few extra tips and tricks to help him along. 

Last weekend I got this shot of Jack looking at Dash... 
I'm crazy about my little boys!

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