Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gigglin' Guy

After several weeks of NOT laughing when Mommy tried crazy and goofy things to try to GET him to laugh... Jack finally started some giggles this past weekend! 

Friday night we (Jack & I) had a date night with Vanessa and at the very beginning of the night she said, "Oh, he's gonna laugh tonight - I can feel it!" (or something to that extent) :) 

Patricia had dropped by and the three of us (4 with little man) were in Jackson's room while I changed his diaper. I was just talking to him and all of a sudden he giggled! The first I'd heard in weeks! It was AWESOME - and Vanessa and Patricia heard it too! 

Then Saturday morning when Samantha came over, he laughed for her too, so she grabbed my video camera and took this awesome video. Jack's first documented laughs!


  1. THAT is adorable! There's nothing better than a baby giggle. So sweet!


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