Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Shopping Dream

Friday I had to do a little Hamilton Place shopping and decided to stop in the Limited to see if I could find some new tops for work. I started in the clearance section, as always, and found the red top (in the picture below) with ruffle-y flowers for $15 and the turquoise sleeveless top with ruffles for $10. I was ready to be done AND THEN the sales person said that all regular price tops were B1G1 free... so, ya know, I had to at least check it out.

There are some days when everything you try on looks "eh" or "not so much", which has literally been my last 10 shopping trips (pre, during, & post pregnancy), however - this was NOT one of those days. Everything looked really cute and I felt GREAT in them! 

So I picked up the orange long sleeve sweater, the teal top & cami, the blue wrap sweater, and a white cami. I loved them all. I went to check out and spent about $120 for all of it. 

THEN I was turning around to leave and Jason's Aunt Cindy was there! We talked for a minute and she asked if I had used a coupon - then she gave me her extra one which was $50 off if you spend $150. Sooooooo... I found the black open cardigan and black cami. :)

 If I had to pay full price for all the items I got, I would have spent over $300!! BUT with the B1G1 free tops and the $50 off from Cindy I only paid $140 (so I saved more than I spent)!! 

Ah-mazing. First major shopping day I've had in a 
looooooooong time and DEFINITELY the best.

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