Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Goals

Goodbye sweet summertime! I love love love you, with your free and easy schedule, short shorts and tank tops, fantastic family vacations, and lazy poolside sunbathing (who am I kidding, I'm chasing a little one now!).

You aren't so good, however, at helping me keep up with my goals. So here's to you, September! May you give me the boost I need to GET SOMETHING DONE AROUND THIS PLACE!!

*Enjoy all kinds of fun fall activities
     -Bible study
     -Women of Faith event w/Rachel
     -...and of course - Tennessee Football!!
*Reorganize my closet
     -Get rid of clothes I don't wear
     -Try on all my "maybe" clothes
     -Create better outfits with the pieces I already own
     -Make a wishlist of pieces I want
*Take weekly belly photos :)
*Read two books
     -Finish Grace for the Good Girl (very good, just so "heavy" & full of good things that I haven't been able to read it quickly)
     -Read Take One

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