Friday, September 14, 2012

Teeth Teeth Teeth

Little Man has been getting some teeth lately! In his 12 month update, I said that he had 4 teeth and 3 more coming. Well, it's taken 2-2.5 months, but he now has 7 teeth! 3 on the bottom and 4 on the top. 

It is so funny how they came in though, because the last one of the 7 is his right front tooth! It was too cute that he didn't have any teeth on that side for the longest, then the tooth on the other side of the front tooth came in before the front tooth did!

So I tried to capture some "teeth pictures" today... You can never see all 7, but he is far from the practically toothless grin he's been sporting for a while. :)
Jack @ 9 months - two teeth

Jack @ 14.5 months - 7 teeth

Promise he's not angry, he just looks like he's about to tell me off. :)

He's been standing on his own so well lately... even amongst all the toys in his pack 'n play!

I love you, my sweet baby!!


  1. I LOVE his toothy grin! ...but I don't love it makes him almost a toddler. :( Growing up too fast!


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