Monday, September 10, 2012

Yummy Morning Smoooovie

Smoooovie = Smoothie

Many mornings I turn to a smoothie as my breakfast of choice (or as part of it, depending on how hungry I am...) I know everyone probably knows how to make a smoothie, and if you don't, a quick google search could help you out, but I thought I'd share how I make mine. 

Cast of Characters: frozen fruit (I use a variety mix from WM and frozen blueberries also from WM), vanilla almond milk, orange juice, and my trusty Magic Bullet.

First I fill my cup about halfway with the frozen fruit 
(strawberries, peaches, mango, and pineapple)...

Then I add in some blueberries, not because I like them (because I'm not a big fan) but because I know they are good for me!

Then I add almond milk almost up to the top of the fruit...

...and then orange juice to cover the fruit. 
You could definitely just use one or the other, but I really like the way it tastes with both.

Then I put it on the amazing Magic Bullet and watch it do all the work for me.

Action shot.

And the cool thing about the MB is that cup you blend it in is the cup you drink it out of, 
so no additional clean up, which I'm a big fan of. 
(It was $50 at BB&B and I used a 20% off coupon - definitely worth $40 to me!)

Then it's time for me and Jack to share our yummy morning smoooovie. I should have taken his picture this morning (duh!) with his smoothie all over his face. Next time. :)

I pretty much stick with this recipe and only change it up by what fruit I put in the cup (more strawberries or less, etc.). One time I added spinach and it was super nasty, so Becca suggested that I may have had a bad piece in there. I will have to try that again because I know I need more good stuff in there. 

Do you guys eat/drink smoothies? What's your favorite recipes?


  1. I made one this weekend with strawberries, bananas, yogurt, and milk and it was nasty. I think the bananas were too green and I had too many bananas vs strawberries. Yours looks really good!

    1. I can't tell you how many bad smoothies I made until I found something I liked. I want to experiment but I hate a yucky smoothie! So I tend to stick with what I know!! :)

  2. I love smoothies, too. I try to make them for breakfast, too. I usually use bananas and spinach. I'm also surprised you could taste the spinach when you tried. I can't even taste it.

    1. Yeah, I need to try it again. And I've seen on Pinterest (maybe your boards?) that if you go ahead and blend it up with a little water and then freeze it in cubes, it doesn't go bad and is easier to add to the smoothies! Gotta try that!!


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