Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Goals - How'd I Do?

I started September with a fury! I got a lot of stuff done right at the beginning, then lost my steam a bit as the month went on (story of my life). BUT progress is progress, am I right?! :)

*Enjoy all kinds of fun fall activities
     -Bible study - We are studying The Beloved Disciple by Beth Moore on the life of the apostle John. We are starting on week 5 of homework and God has been so faithful to allow me time most every day to really focus on it. I've only missed a few days of the work. And I LOVE the women in the study - so insightful and encouraging - it's a wonderful way to spend my Tuesday mornings! (And Jack loves playing with the sweet workers and his buddies!)
     -MOPS - Whoo hoo!! We've had 2 already - I love MOPS!
     -Women of Faith Event with Rachel - I, unfortunately, had the headache of a lifetime, along with Jason having a flu-like virus when he was supposed to watch Jack for me. I HATE that I missed the conference and know that Rachel and Alexis were really blessed by it! NEXT TIME, RACH!!
     -Tennessee Football - We've really enjoyed football season so far, but we've been lazy and haven't had friends over yet! That will definitely be an October goal - to have buddies over for a small football party!
     -We also had a quick trip to North Carolina with my dad to see his sister Ginny, and had lots of lunches with friends, like the McKennas!

*Reorganize my closet
     -Get rid of clothes I don't wear - YES! Check out my closet clean-out post here.
     -Try on all my "maybe" clothes - YES! Check out my (somewhat embarassing) try-on post here.
     -Create better outfits with the pieces I already own - Sorta! I think I did a better job of this since I knew what was in my closet, but I wasn't as intentional as I wanted to be about it.
     -Make a wishlist of pieces I want - Not yet!

*Take weekly belly photos - MAJOR FAIL!!! This is something that is really important to me, and somehow it keeps taking a back seat. It's going to the top of my October goals!

*Read two books - actually I read 3! GO ME!!
     -Finish Grace for the Good Girl
     -Read Take One AND Take Two

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