Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Car Seat Change Up

Jack's infant car seat goes up to 22 lbs, so since Little Man is still a LITTLE man, I thought we had a few more weeks/months before he would outgrow it. Turns out, there's a height restriction (duh, Sarah!) and he hit that at 10 months! 

So, 4 months past when he should have been out of this one, we finally moved up to the next big boy size.
Last day in the infant car seat! 
Next time this is used, it will be with Baby #2!!

Now he's all grown up in the Britax Boulevard!! We really like it so far! 
Jack doesn't complain at all about being rear-facing - he's never known anything else! I will keep him this way as long as possible, and then this car seat will turn around to be front facing. I have to say, it will be more fun in the car when I can see him more easily, but I know it is safer for him to be this way for now.

My big 'ol boy!

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