Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Closet Clean-out Pt. 2

So I got through the first major part of my closet re-org - going through everything! But I still had a whole pile of clothes I needed to try on and see if I wanted to keep. I always dread the trying on, BUT it's so good to just make the decision and move on! 

Sorry the pictures are pretty lame, it's just much easier to take self-portraits with the 'ol phone than lugging around the big guns.

Here are some of the things I tried on. A light pink tank top was fairly cute by itself (top left pic), but when I put my fun scarf with it (2nd), I could see myself wearing it under a sweater or something this fall. Then a patterned sleeveless top (3rd on top) is another one I would put under a button up sweater, and one I didn't think I would like once it was on. The blue/purple/magenta top (top right pic) was one I really wanted to like, but it just didn't look great on, and I couldn't find a top to put over it. So it's out. 
The short sleeve red turtleneck (bottom left) got a checkmark, because I have a burgundy one that's very similar, but it is SUPER tight and the neck feels like I'm choking, so this was a good trade - one out, one in. The last top was this really cute black, pink, and gray circles pattern. I like tops to be long, but this is SUCH an awkward length to me. It's like, is this supposed to be a seriously short dress? Or is it a top? Anyway, adding a belt made me feel like I might actually wear it. Plus it might give me the push to get some leggings to wear underneath it (since it does cover my booty). Either that or with skinny jeans and boots to balance out the long-ness of the top.

Then it was on to dresses!

While I liked the red and black dress... it's pretty tight (without a lot of give) and I don't see myself wearing it until wintertime... and I'll be more and more pregnant. Anyway, it got nixed. Then the middle black dress I really liked, and didn't expect to! Can't have too many of those. The red dress on the right, also one I really wanted to like, but just don't see myself wearing.
You can't tell from the picture, but the green skirt is a very light minty color with a thin dark blue stripe pattern. I paired it with a navy sweater I already own and definitely like the contrast. (Now I just need a minty green statement necklace!) The last dress is one I already owned (everything else was stuff from my friend), but figured didn't fit me anymore. It still fits pretty well and actually has a good bit of "give" for my growing pooch.

And just for fun - showing off my bitty belly at 12 weeks! :) 
(I didn't "pop" until about 19-20 weeks last time, so who knows when it will happen this time!)

So I made it through phase 1 and now phase 2! I still don't really know how I'm going to follow through on my final phase (making complete outfits), so I'm up for suggestions. Are these kinds of pictures fun? What about "moodboards" al la Polyvore? Would you rather see inspirations or actual outfits? What about inspiration to fruition? 

I'd love to hear your ideas! :)


  1. I really like that you're finding things and trying things with items you've already got and trying them different ways than you maybe normally would have. I'd like to see actual outfits-using 1 piece multiple ways!

    As always, you're looking great and I LOVE reading about your going-ons!

    1. Thanks Jordan! I will definitely try to do a few more outfit posts this fall with some of my favorite looks. :) Hope you're doing well!!


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