Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Recap (through pictures)

Dash was invited to Jason's house - "click click click click click" - ahhh... the clicking of little Dashy toenails on hardwoods. Oh, how I've missed thee.

My Mamaw stopped by Saturday morning to see the house and my brothers did too! Of course, they were only there to get the popcorn bucket, but nonetheless - we got a group shot! (Thanks Alex!)

PAINTING. I hate PAINTING! I'm over it, but luckily we've had tons of help along the way, including Mrs. Alex Walker this weekend. She was so sweet to come by even when I overslept (as usual) and we didn't get started until later.

We got to see the Martins!!!!! It was so wonderful to see them and hang out for a little while! :) We all miss you guys so much.

Beautiful friends!! (Julie, Alex, & Jennifer)

Random: Jason bought this high top table with stools for the living room in his new house - BUT I get to keep it until he moves in (and longer if I'm sneaky enough to let him forget I have it... mwahahaha!) Isn't it so cute though!?

We had dinner at my parent's house on Saturday for Sam's (the Fireman, for those of you who've followd my blog forever) birthday. Look at this HUGE steak! It took up the whole plate!

My boys. Aren't they adorable. :)
Yummmmmm... I love cake. Mom thought she didn't have any candles, but she found one pack - of 24. Perfect! Sam missed like 3 candles though. Either he's getting old or his lung capacity is shrinking.
Also, we went to the Rocha's for the Super Bowl last night! It was super fun. We ate. A lot. Probably too much. But it was super fun. :) This was my favorite commercial. And then this one.


  1. I miss you...I love reading about the work you are doing on the new house! I wish I could be there to help. I have to see you next time I am in town which should be in about a month..I'll let you know! Miss you!!

  2. i'm definitely LOVING those pictures! horray and i am so glad to have evidence we saw them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love you :)


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