Monday, February 23, 2009

I shot a Coke and it EXPLODED!

Yesterday, after a long exhausing weekend of babysitting (yeah right, they were awesome), Jason and I went out to his grandparent's lake property and he decided he was going to teach me how to shoot a gun. (And I shot a Coke and it EXPLODED!!!! Hence the title.)

Okay, so ironically, the gun I'm holding in this picture is the only gun I DIDN'T shoot yesterday. (Look at Dash hiding behind my legs.. hehe) I shot a gun that looked like the toy guns Sam and I used to have, and one that looked like the Noisy Cricket from Men In Black. That one was my favorite. :)

Here's my big strong man ready to protect me if anything were to ever happen. Which it won't. But if it did.. he'd be ready. (By the way, he is the greatest teacher, very cautious of safety and teaching me the right way to do everything.)

And here's Dashy doodle bug!! He wuvs his mommy... He however does not like the sound of guns. Duh.

But he loves me.

Okay, and he loves Jason too.. sometimes more than he loves me. Grr... I'm not bitter.

This is a painting inside the cabin of the property. Isn't it so cool?

And here's my rendition of the painting, of course, I was trying to get Dash as he, well, DASHED across the dock, but alas, I missed him.

Another beautiful shot overlooking the lake.

We had fun!!! :)

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  1. Haha! I love the title of this post. It makes me laugh!Miss you <3


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