Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I decided today that I just can't wait to meet my kids.

Whoa whoa - slow down there, Sarah - you're not engaged, much less married! You can't want kids now!

Calm down. :)

Of course I know I'm not READY for kids! I don't know when I will be, even once I'm married, but it's really cool to think about who your kids will be. I mean, I could have a nerdy science/math kid or a talented artist or a computer guru or a ballerina OR a nerdy/artist/computer guru/ballerina kid all rolled into one!

Most of you know (okay well Becca and Em know) that I'm a blog stalker. I loooove reading about other peoples lives - it's like reading a good book but it's REAL. I especially love reading about families who homeschool. Why? I have no idea, because who knows if I will homeschool my kids. It just fascinates me. What could be cooler than spending everyday hanging out and teaching your kids?

Like I said, who knows what my future will bring with kids, careers, or anything else, but gosh, how fun is it to dream about it all! Until then, I will keep taking care of my own toddler, the almost 4 year old Dash. Wait... dog years... um. Okay then he's 28? Dang. I hope he doesn't think that he's the boss now...

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  1. bout time for an update! ...oh wait, that makes me a hypocrite. i can't wait to meet your kids too!! and homeschool with you:)


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