Thursday, August 7, 2008

Plant Funeral and Future Inspirations

Well, if you remember from a month ago, I said "It'll be lucky if it doesn't die." in reference to some plants I had in my cubicle? Well, yeah, umm... some bad news. The pretty orange plant that Jason got for me when I had my wisdom teeth out, is officially d.e.a.d.

Oh, you poor poor plant. You never had a chance did you?

You see, there are still a few small blooms in places, but let's face it: it's dead.

Anyway, that's depressing, but here's something that's not! My friend Rachel at work made this amazing piece of art for me. It's going to sit on my desk forever and ever. And I think I'm going to just put the whole thing on the copier and make another one for my room at home. Yeah, I'm sure that'll work.

The point is: Rachel is amazing. She is so thoughtful and has such a heart for others. She's always been one of my biggest cheerleaders at Chattem for getting a full time job, and this was her way of saying congratulations to me. She has definitely been an inspiration to me to take a minute to think about other people and do something to make someone else's day. Just like she made my day!!

So along with all this creative inspiration, I found a semi-friend's blog about her craft projects. (Okay, so a semi-friend means that she knows Becca and Keith and I've spoken all of 10 words to her over the course of 2 Super Bowl parties - just to clarify.) She has such awesome scrapbooking pages and it really started making me think about how important it is to keep memories preserved. I have a scrapbook I made of my senior year of high school and it's so special to look back and think about who I was and what I enjoyed at that time. I bought some paper and will be embarking on the wonderful journey of scrapbooking sometime next week!


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