Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who in the world are YOU?!

UPDATE: Oh, c'mon people. Seriously? No one is reading my blog? I mean, it's nothing SPECIAL, but I just THOUGHT that there were those out there who cared about my life and all the goofy random things that happen. Maybe not. Maybe it's just me, writing to me.

*Is the guilt trip working??? :)

Okay, the second post of the day, and it's gonna be short and sweet.

Who are you?

No, really. I want to know! :) If you are reading this blog RIGHT NOW, then pretty pretty please comment and let me know who you are! You don't have to sign up or anything, just say "Hey, it's Becca and I'm reading your blog today!" Ya know, something like that.

It just hit me the other day that it might be more than Alex, Emily, Becca, and Jennifer M. that read this! If so, I'd like to post things that are a little more fun/relavent for everyone!

NO EXCUSES!! Send me a comment!! :)

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