Monday, August 25, 2008

This day's been crazy, but everything's happened on schedule.

What a fun weekend! What did I do? Not much of nothin'!! YAY! It was fab. Let me quickly recap my Thursday for you, since I chose not to post about it when it was all fresh on my mind.

My work gets a discounted monthly rate at the Rush, where I'm already a member, so I thought, hey - it's $10 cheaper a month, of COURSE I'm gonna get that changed. So it seemed like it was going to be easy at first. Those beefy goons that run the place started talking to me about how to go about changing my rate. Well, we were NOT on the same page and right before I was about to sign my life away (again.), I said, "Now this is just to finish out the year I have left on my contract, right?" (wrong.) WHOOOOA - then back it up, no way am I signing my life over to you guys again for 3 more years. Once was bad enough, and I blame that on age and inexperience (now that I'm so much older and more mature... right?). Anyway, I fought my way through it and stood my ground until I got exactly what I wanted - the corporate rate for 1 year. And NOW I'm an elite member which means that I get to bring someone when I go work out! Yay!

Later that night - Thursdays are pool nights, by the way - we were at the pool hall and I was in a match. Without going into tons of (boring) details, everyone who plays APA pool (just one of the kinds of pool leagues) gets a ranking. It goes from 2-7 (7's will whoop you with their eyes closed) and I started as a 2, played well and moved up to a 3. Okay, that's all background. So I'm playing and I'm not in a good mood because I'm getting schooled. The girl I'm playing is a 4, so she had to win 3 games to beat me, I only had to win 2 games to beat her. (Still with me here? Anyone?) As I said, she was killing me and beat me 3 times in a row. Game over. So I piddle over to my table, take my stick apart, put it back in the case and then the other team came over and said "There's still one more game." Wait, what?? Wasn't 3 bad enough? I'm GOING HOME!! Okay, so I wasn't that dramatic, but you get it. Turns out, since I got beat so badly LAST week, I moved back down to a 2, which means she had to beat me 4 times and I only had to beat her twice. So I'm all frustrated and I just want to get it over with but instead of STINKING like I had been, I started playing awesome. And I ended up beating her!! CRAAAAZY!

I'm sure you're just dying to hear about the rest of my weekend, and I'm sorry to disappoint, but I've GOT to get back to work. :) TTFN.

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