Thursday, August 21, 2008

And the Olympic Medal goes to...

We've been watching the Olympics like CRAZY around my house, which is always very entertaining. You will never meet someone more into the Olympics than my dear sweet mother.

If she could sit at home all day, have someone pick up Nick from school, tell someone else to make dinner and clean the house, etc., make one of us help Nick with homework, make him shower, and put him to bed, she probably would glue her butt to the couch and watch every event. She might even drink some Red Bull and coffee just to keep her going through the night! :) Okay, so I'm playin' about most of that, but she LOVES it. And her excited spirit is totally contagious.

I've watched almost every swimming event, diving event, synchro diving, (good) track runs, and some gymnastics. AMAZING. (Now, I won't get all opinionated and tell you that they've been favoring the Chinese in most every event that isn't cut and dried... but that's what's happening.) Other than all the silly politics surrounding the games (and the girls beach volleyball outfits), the Olypics are the most wholesome thing on tv right now. I love having something on at our house that everyone can agree on and we all feel proud to support our country, even if it is just from home.

Well, sorry there's nothing more exciting going on in my life, but to be honest, I'm kind of glad. Things have slowed down a lot, giving me a little breath of fresh air.

Oh yeah, and I didn't start school this week.


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