Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Just Love TV

We really love TV.

In the past I wouldn't say we were "avid TV watchers" and really we still don't watch a ton of live TV. (Note: We also REALLY love our DVR.) But one year ago this month, Jason and I embarked on a journey together... called 24. And ever since then we have been hooked on series tv shows. Like, "we need a 12-step program" hooked.

24 - 7 seasons = 168 hours, plus a 2 hour movie special = 170 hours

Heroes - currently on season 4, 71 episodes = ~54 hours

LOST - 5 seasons, 98 episodes = ~74 hours

The Unit - (Jason watched this more regularly than me, but it was still good - anything with "David Palmer") 4 seasons, 69 episodes = ~52 hours

Prison Break - (we just started this! it's great so far!) we have watched 12 episodes of season 1 = ~9 hours

Total time watching series in the past year: 359 hours/~15 days

P.S. While this shocking figure is... well, shocking - we have no plans of ending this "hobby" anytime soon. :)


  1. Wow you are brave to total that up... I'm too scared to total ours up! Oblivion (is that a word?) is better for me. :)

  2. I love Lost as well! Guess it comes with in the territory of being white and nerdy :-)

    Love you guys!


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