Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthdays & Christmases

Saturday was Patricia's birthday! So we went up to the house for a wonderful meal and ended up playing Rock Band all night!
What's great is that they have the Beatles Rockband too, so we all got really into it.
But not Jessica. Definitely not her. :) Love you, sis.
Then Sunday Jason and I went to Kennesaw, GA to visit my dad's side of the family for Christmas!

We played Sequence - it was super fun! ("BALLGAME!!") Then we played Spoons, which got pretty competitive pretty quickly... as Spoons tends to do.

"Please, no photos."

"Okay just one."
After we left the Camp's, we went to IKEA!!! It was wonderful. ::sigh:: And I can't wait to show you what all we got!

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  1. Thanks for posting all of those yummy desserts Sarah, you made my sweet tooth start watering!


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