Friday, December 4, 2009

Tree Trimmers

We've had our tree up since Sunday, put the lights on Tuesday, and finally got to the ornaments part last night! We've been doing it in stages because we don't always know how a certain someone ::cough [Snooker] cough:: will handle having all kinds of new goodies to destroy.

Luckily, she's been pretty good, but we've avoided having lights too near the bottom and definitely no ornaments down there. It may look silly, but we're better off knowing she can't break anything if it's not down there. :)

The first ornament hung on the tree. We got this as a wedding present from Linda and her family. THANKS LINDA - we love it!

Another favorite new ornament was from the hostesses of the Signal Crest Shower. It has our name and wedding date on it, and the little people match the beautiful canvas [pretend like I have inserted the picture here]. It's super cute!

Man, I love Christmas.

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