Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Miller - Two Months

Sorry for the lack of posting lately - I've been busy with my sweet family!! I've been taking lots of pictures and videos, just not posting them - yet! Hoping to get back on track soon!

Birth: 6lbs 8oz, 19 3/4 in long
1 Month: 8lbs 10oz, 21 in long
2 Months: 10lbs 12oz, 23 in long


funny angle, funny face, long legs, big feet

Here's what Miller is up to at two months:

  • He's now wearing 0-3 month clothes! But it's been so back and forth with the weather, I only have short sleeved stuff! So if you see him in the same outfit a bunch, it's because it's his only long sleeved outfit that will fit right now! 
  • We haven't started cloth diapering him yet because I'm still waiting on my order of 9 new diapers, so I don't have to do laundry every single day with both boys in cloth! Hopefully they'll be getting here next week, and luckily I had a bunch of size 1 disposables from the "sprinkle". 
  • He's still a great eater, eating about every 3 hours (just one side each time, for about 8-12 minutes), and I have finally discovered the miracle burping technique that gets him to burp every time! Whoo hoo!!
  • We are giving him Axid twice a day for reflux, AND...
  • I have been dairy free for about 5 weeks now. It started out as a REAL challenge, but with the help of some great friends who have been there and some pre-planning, it hasn't been that bad! His fussy/grumpy/grunting/crying related to gassiness is almost gone, so he is mostly a super happy baby, except...
  • He has colic. Yes, the mom who thought that it was ridiculous that EVERYONE'S kid seems to have reflux and colic... my kid has reflux and colic. Seriously? Yes. Humbling? Yes. Never say never, right? :) Anyway, he typically cries from 8-10pm every night. If Jack is already asleep, he'll sleep through it, but if he's not, he will talk and sing and holler the whole time Miller's crying. Yeesh.
  • Despite the above, Miller is becoming a better nighttime sleeper. We borrowed a Nap Nanny from Emily (I know, I know, they're recalled - it's all good), and it has helped tremendously with his nighttime sleep. He still sleeps flat in the crib for daytime naps (unswaddled), and he sleeps in the NN at night (swaddled). We have been getting about 6 hour stretches for several nights in a row, THANK THE LORD!! It is wonderful to be sleeping in my own bed again! (I was sleeping in the bed in Miller's room because he was waking up every 1.5-2 hours, so it didn't make sense for me to wake up Jason every single time I got up from and got back in bed - the poor guy has to bring home the bacon around here! He needs some rest!)
  • His beautiful eyes are still bright blue!! I never dreamed I'd have a blue eyed baby!
  • Miller smiled for the first time on Easter!! It was definitely a deliberate smile, but it took several days before he really did it again. Now it's not too hard to coax one out of him! He especially loves when Big Brother sings to him. That makes him reeeeally smile! 
  • He's still doing well with the "Eat Play Sleep" cycle. I have found that his "optimal waketime" right now is between 55-65 minutes. If I start the naptime routine around 55 minutes, he usually takes about 10-15 minutes to quietly put himself to sleep. If I wait until 1hr 10-15min+, then he will often cry for 30-45 minutes before ever actually falling asleep (and usually I have to rock him most of that time). So yes, I've been trying to be diligent about getting him down after 55 minutes! It's to everyone's benefit!! :)
Here's a video of Miller for his two month mirthday:

And a side-by-side of my boys at two months:

Overall, the 2 month old Miller sure is a lot happier than the 1 month old Miller! I'm so glad!! We seem to have figured out some of our issues and life is sweeter around here!


  1. He is so cute and it is so crazy how different he looks from Jack! I mean I am sure there are some similarities but geez at first glance they look like babies from two different mommas!

    1. You're totally right! There are similarities, but overall they look a LOT different! :)


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