Thursday, April 4, 2013

13 Goals in 2013

I found this blog post and have been INSPIRED to set 13 goals for 2013! The idea is to have a goal each month and then 1 more overarching goal for the year. I know, I know - its already April, not Jan 1! But I'm sure I can come up with goals for those months that I accomplished!

•January - work on organization projects (meal planning, freezer inventory, closet cleanout, get stuff together for yard sale)
•February - prepare for (& HAVE) baby boy (put crib together, wash clothes, baby shower)
•March - start adjusting to our "new normal" (get back to church, MOPS, Bible study, figure out how to grocery shop with 2!, etc.)
•April - go dairy free and work out 3x/ week (Miller has tummy issues, so I've been dairy free for 2 weeks already and have seen improvement; Mom and I are going to get together 3x/week and go walking, and I'm going to do the Babywearing Workout on some of our off-days)

My year-long goal is working on my Project Life scrapbook!! My awesome SIL, Vanessa got me excited about it, and I've since learned that Traci does it too!! I've REALLY enjoyed working on it so far; I will follow up with a whole post about it very soon!!

So that's where I am right now! No lengthy, lofty goals list (although I still may do it if I need to!), just 1 main goal for each month, plus keeping up with Project Life.

Anyone else need a little kick start as we head into the rest of the year? 
(We're already 1/4 of the way through 2013!!)


  1. I love the goal setting. I am a big believer that if you set to many goals, nothing gets accomplished. I have a reminder list (of things I would like to do and add to my to do list at some points) and a TO-DO list each day/week.

    PL is going wonderful by the way!! I am very excited about it as well. I am currently waiting on pictures. I did find a site for printing. (you can print in the 3X4 size and instagram pictures in 2X2 size. I printed 77 pictures (for January.. I know.. I can not fit that many in just a 4 week section) and it cost me under 20 bucks! Now to see how the quality is.

    Hope You, Husband, Big Bro and little Bro are doing amazing~

    1. I keep meaning to take pictures of the layouts I've done so far, but I feel like the last 5-6 days have been a WHIRLWIND!! And I haven't checked reader so I don't know if you've posted yours yet, but I wanna see them!! :)

    2. Traci - How did you like the pictures you printed? What's the website??

  2. I'm very curious about Project Life, so would love to see your post about how you are doing it! Miss you, friend, but glad you are so happy and loving mommy-life. :)

    1. Only 4.5 months later... I'm about to publish a post about Project Life! :) It's easy and fun and I think you would LOVE it!


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