Thursday, July 28, 2011

Never Say Never

In my short (almost) 4 weeks of motherhood, I have learned something very important - never say never.

I will never feed my baby a bottle before 6 weeks, because I've heard they may not nurse as well afterwards and I'm not going to chance it!

I will exclusively breastfeed and not formula feed at all, because "breast is best!" - see last paragraph HERE

I will not give my baby a pacifier!

Let's just be honest. You don't know what you will do (or what you will need to do) until the time comes. Definitely stand firm on important things, but know the key to not FREAKING OUT is being flexible. :)

I'm learning to never say never...


  1. I loved this post so much Sarah! It not only is soooo very true.. but, you are adjusting to being a mommy so well. I can tell from this post. It isnt just never say never.. it is Sometimes what baby wants baby gets.. haha

  2. p.s. Mady had a paci until this past Christmas (she will be 4 in 2 weeks from today) now she only had it at night in her bed for the last year but.. again, until she had her 4th Christmas. She decided other boys and girls needed them and left them under the tree for Santa to take to other kids.. ALSO, I never breastfed.. well 1 time a day for like 3 weeks and she is the smartest, healthies, funniest little girl ever.. She has only been sick one time in her entire life and that was just a few months ago from food poisen.. You and lil man will be just fine.. :)


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