Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tummy Time & Walks

Mr. Jackson isn't really a big fan of "tummy time" yet. :) I put him on his activity mat on Monday (thanks Taylor & Roger!!) and this was the sweetest shot I took. Most of the others are him struggling to figure out why he was laying on the ground. Haha!

Yesterday, for the first time, Jack rode with just mommy up to Mimi's house! We hung out and talked for a while...

...then put him in the stroller for the first time...

...and went on a walk through Old Town!

Mimi and Alex joined us and we walked 1.5 miles! Little man was asleep the whole time. :) 

I will definitely be back for more long walks with 3 of my favorite people!!

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  1. everytime i see pictures of him it's hard for me to not cry. i love the goodness of the Lord. he gave you a son!


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