Friday, July 29, 2011

Jack Meet Dash. Dash Meet Jack.

After Jackson was born, we asked my parents to take Dash for a little while so we could get our feet wet with the whole parenting thing without the extra stress of taking care of Dash. They kept him a little longer than I really meant for them to... from Sunday the 3rd until Friday the 15th, but they didn't complain at all!

I was REALLY nervous about my two "little boys" meeting because I was afraid Dash would be protective of me or trying to jump in my lap when I was nursing, etc. BUT he's been great! He just sniffs Jack's feet and goes on his way.

Both Dash and Snooker are just plum worn out with a baby in the house.

And Dash thinks that the Boppy is just his size.

He's a cutie. I think we'll let him stay!

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