Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding in Sevierville

Two weekends ago, we went to the Sevierville area for Jason's friend Chase's wedding!

Here's baby boy at the rehearsal. It was HOT!

staying hydrated

And this was the amazing B&B we stayed at! The Richmont Inn was so beautiful!
little man crawling around

the view from the living room area

the outside of the place we stayed

The next morning was the big day! It was REALLY HOT!!!
still staying hydrated :)


So here's a great story about our trip. We were literally 20 minutes away from the B&B, and Jason realized we didn't have our hanging clothes - the white shirt and khakis he needed to be an usher (that we had bought the night before!!), my dress for the rehearsal, and my dress for the wedding!!! Greeeeeeat. So we turned around, went back to the closest mall and had to buy new clothes to wear! So I got this fabulous blue dress that looked great in the dressing room while I was just standing there... but was a little much too short while moving around, squatting, dealing with a baby.

Oh well. It was a great weekend!!

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