Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disney World - Day 1

After an eventful night at the Knoxville hotel without a crib (uhhh... kill me), we woke up early early (about 5) to head to the airport. It didn't take too long to go through security and all that mess, and soon enough we were on the plane, ready for Jack's very first airplane ride. Unfortunately we weren't in the same row as Jason but he was directly in front of us and could give us Mickey on the iPad when we needed it. Jack wasn't scared, the flight wasn't loud, and he just ate snacks the whole first flight. Then on the flight from Atlanta to Orlando, we got a 3 seat row to ourselves! Jack was great on this flight too!

Okay, so it's not even 11am by this point, I'm already tired - are you? Well, Little Man was... He didn't sleep on either flight, but he completely passed out in my arms while waiting for the Magical Express, then slept for about an hour on the way. He was zonked! 

We got to the Yacht Club, settled in a bit and then rode the ferry boat to Epcot.

We had lunch there and then it started pouring!!! And smart mama that I am, I left our ponchos in the room. Whoops. Anyway, we tried to not let it dampen our spirits (see what I did there?) and made it over to Spaceship Earth in the big Epcot ball. This was Jack's first ride ever! 
(gross picture, sweet memory)

He did great and wasn't scared when it got dark. We went on Nemo (so cute!) and "Journey Into the Imagination with Figment", and other than an unexpected pffft of air and loud noise at the end of that one, he did great the whole time.
We shopped a bit and got Jack and autograph book, which came in handy when we met Pooh and Tigger in England!! This was his first encounter with characters, so we had no idea if he would flip out or not, but he thought they were great! We got a couple of great photos with them, and then saw Alice too.

We headed back to our room at that point, to rest and let Little Man take a nap. We all 3 ended up sleeping for about an hour. Once we started to feel human again, we walked through the Boardwalk area. We ate hamburgers at Hurricane Hanna's Grill and shared an ice cream sundae at Beaches & Cream. By then we were so pooped and couldn't believe that we had been in Knoxville just this morning. Time for bed!!

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