Monday, July 2, 2012

June Goals - How'd I Do?

Hahahahaha!! Yes, that is an appropriate beginning for this post about my June goals.

I think Jack's face here sums it up.

  • Celebrate Jack's 1st Birthday!!!! (we're doing it a little early so that ALL our family can be there!) - We  moved his party to the 8th, so this one gets moved to July. :)
  • Complete final bathroom projects: stain trim, paint ceiling, accessorize - Nope.
  • Blog about the Pink Bathroom - Nope.
  • Blog about the Guest Room/Office - Nope.
  • Finish A Time to Embrace, finish Pandemonium, and finish Grace for the Good Girl - Yes, yes, and nope.

Better luck in July?? :)

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