Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jack's 1st Birthday Party

We had the most amazing time at Jack's birthday party last weekend! On Sunday, July 8th, seventeen of our family members came over to our house to celebrate our sweet baby (who's hardly a baby anymore!). 

Be prepared for a serious amount of pictures!

all images courtesy of Liz Power Photography
all the yummy food

I made cupcakes with mini Oreos as Mickey Mouse ears! So easy and so adorable!
(idea from: here)

The letters I painted to look like Mickey Mouse characters. I LOVE these! They will live on his bookshelf forever!
(idea from: here)

All Jack's monthly photos, printed out to see the progression. What a big boy!!

Dum-Dum "topiary" shaped like Mickey ears and a simply painted pot - easy and festive! 
(basic idea from: here)

Mickey Mouse!!

Daddy, Mommy, Baby & Mickey

The whole crowd!

Now, look at the birthday boy!!

Time for a CUPCAKE!!!!

Here's a video of the whole escapade. He ate every bite!

one of my favorites

Ooooooh... books!

What a PERFECT day!! 


  1. Love these ideas! Great job! I am throwing a Mickey Mouse birthday for my mom's 60th in a couple of weeks.

    1. Thanks!! I really loved the cupcakes because they were so easy! And if you have time to do the letters, they were fun too! :)


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