Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Rack for Baking

I've been on the lookout for a baker's rack since before the wedding. Basically just something to hold our microwave because it was taking up half of our counter top space (pretend there is a before picture here).

I found one on Craigslist that I liked that was close by, but the people selling it were moving, I was umm.. getting married, and basically our schedules didn't line up. So just when I thought all hope was lost, she emailed me to say that she had given my contact info to her neighbor if I was still interested. Yes, please! So Rachel and I went at lunch to look at it and I bought it!

Doing its job well, if I may say so.

Rice, pasta, and oatmeal!! How cute (and useful)! Mom gave me those containers ($6 at Marshall's I think) and Mamaw gave Jason and I this aloe plant! The cookbook is How to Boil Water and it and the stand came from the Drayers (Kelly was our wedding coordinator).

Coffee maker (although not convenient to actually use...), toaster oven, recipe book (from Mom) and the lovely giant microwave.

Something needed to go in the baskets, so at least for now, it's dish towels. Don't judge me because the tags are still on them. :) The ADORABLE Spode bowl was a wedding gift and it's holding snacks - popcorn, granola bars, poptarts, and pb crackers!

I'm so glad we found this!!


  1. it is very cute!
    we have several aloe plants in my family, and no lie, i've never had to buy aloe. it's incredible! take care of it! because when you get a sunburn or cut, just rip off the end and wipe your pain away!
    gotta love that.

  2. Hi there! I just got your comments on the old house in Nova Scotia. Email me at and I will give you Tamara's email privately.

    Her house is unbelievable, and she is now moving into her ocean home.

    Thanks for the visit!


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