Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"The best ones weren't on the list..."

Emily and I went yard sale-ing this weekend! She texted me Saturday morning and said, "let's go - I'm on my way" or something like that, and before I knew it she was in my driveway. :)

We got all gussied up (just kidding, we looked like "camp") and went on our way. She had a list of sales from Craigslist, but most of those didn't turn out so well.

On our accidental wrong turn, we found a yard sale selling THIS RUG!

It was TEN DOLLARS!!!!!!! Whoo hoo! So cute. And works perfectly in the kitchen. :) I was a very happy camper. Em got a cute shirt and pair of shoes from the same place (b/c they had designer stuff!) and we went on our way. All other efforts to garage sale were lame.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby.

And I spent a small fortune.

This has nothing to do with HobLob, it's just a super cute tray we got for a wedding present that says LAWHORN on it! It now, obviously, houses remotes of all kind.
Friends, my house is on its way to being decorated.

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