Sunday, September 13, 2009

...You'll Always Be, Home Sweet Home to ME!

I was so glad to be feeling better, because the Hubs and I went to the TN game on Saturday.

Here's Coach Kiffin (if you can even tell it's him!) at the Vol Walk.

...and some of the players...

...and the band! The Vol Walk is always fun, but it was SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!

We got tickets from my in-laws neighbors so we sat in a different spot than we're used to - the endzone!

Even though the outcome wasn't what we were hoping for, we had a blast at our FIRST MARRIED FOOTBALL GAME!! :)

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  1. i went on a walk sat. morning down by the river in knoxville and none other than lane kiffin goes running by me. it was pretty cool. heads were turning and boats started honking. haha. glad we were in the same city!!! :D


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