Monday, May 27, 2013

The Things You Say - Jack 20.5-22.5 months

Jack is such a joy! He is just like his mama - he talks constantly! He is a total parrot and says just about anything that comes to his mind. I feel like he is SO ADVANCED in his speech for his age, but maybe I'm just biased. :) Here are some of the things I want to remember him saying at this age (March-May 2013, 20.5-22.5 months).

pasta - "pa-stuff"
grapes - "gapes" ("I need some gapes, I need some gapes, I need some gapes!")
water - "waddie"
milk - "mulk"; animal crackers - "ee-mul cagahs"; "I need some ee-mul cagahs and mulk!!"
"Mommy's cereal" is Crispix - "I want some Mommy's cereal ON A BOWL!"
smoothie - "fuh-dee", "fuh-dee make loud!" (because making smoothies is LOUD)
lemon - "yemin"

pacifier - "pah-bye"
blanket - "binket"
remote - "ha-mote"
thunder - "the boom!"
video monitor - "brother's phone"
"sounded wike (like)... an airplane, a puppy, a baby brother"
Hiiiii!!!! Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!
Yeah! Okay!
sit on your... BAH-MUM!! (bottom)
cat says "me-wow!"
the van - "da ban" - "Hiiii ban!!"
Snooker (our cat) - "sooker" (sounds like sugar) - "sweet to her!" (we tell him to be sweet to her a lot)
"Go ta bed pubby!" (when it's time for Dash to go to bed)

snuggle Mommy!!
"Mah-mee hoe-jew!!!" - Mommy hold you!
build a "tah-dow" (tower)
take a "sha-dow" (shower)
swinging - "go fangin' "
"Watch a-Mi-Mouse" - USED to say Mi-Mouse for Mickey Mouse, but at 20.5 months started staying "Mick-key Mouse"
read Llama Llama - "yama yama!!"
read Clifford - "key-sup"
sings: Jesus Loves Me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, Deep and Wide, Twinkle Twinkle, Old MacDonald

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