Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vacation to Charleston, SC

A few weeks ago, we headed to Charleston, South Carolina, with Jason's family! Jack's longest car trip and Miller's FIRST car trip!!
Playing with his "special treat"


The view from our condo! The 18th green and the beautiful ocean.

On the first night we were there, we went out to the beach to see how Jack liked it!

He was sure, then unsure, then sure - then took off running and fell in the sand. Well, it was the kind of sand that is like GLITTER and will NOT come off easily! Poor buddy. 

Some photos from around the condo:

watching himself playing in the waves

I love this sweet sweet video of Jess and Miller talking. 

Now some beach and pool photos:

Me-wah! (aka what Jack calls Miller)

me and my Seezter

Best picture ever. Jack is finally getting used to the water!

We made it to Patriots Point juuuust before the sky opened up!

Yup. We got rained on. 

Waiting for dinner at Hyman's Seafood.

Another night at dinner at Fleet Landing.

The one awesome souvenir I bought for myself was a "Charleston gate" necklace. Mine had the gate from the blue house on Rainbow Row, so I had to go get a picture of it! 

Here's a close up of the gate:

Walking around the Battery.

My sweet hubby!

One awesome picture I got on the way home... Words can't describe how much I love these boys.

I'm the KIIIING!!

We had a wonderful time - the Millers are a blast to be on vacation with! 
One vacay down, and one to go! WHOO HOO!!!


  1. What a fun trip! Sarah, where did you get Jackson's "special treat"? Hank would SO be into a board like that! We miss you guys...reunion soon!

    1. Hey Ash! It's a Melissa & Doug "Latches" board! Jack LOOOVES it.


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