Friday, March 29, 2013

Miller's Newborn Pictures

(click here for Jack's newborn pictures)

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to Becca for these amazing photos!! I was OVER-THE-TOP stressed out this day because Miller would NOT stop crying, Jack was in a bad mood, and poor Jason was caught in the middle of it all. (We tried to do a feet picture with all 4 of us but... yeah, it didn't happen.

I am seriously shocked that these pictures turned out so amazing - not because I don't totally trust Becca, but because I was certain we didn't get any of Miller looking peaceful. Thank goodness I WAS WRONG! :) 

Here's Becca's blog post and don't forget to watch the slideshow!!


  1. Are you sure everything was crazy that day? Because these pics look GREAT and like everything is wonderful. :) And I love that I gave you that blue star blanket when Jack was born and that you still use it AND it's the pictures!! :) YAY! Love you all!

    1. Thank you Nenna!!! We LOOOOVE those blankets! And they matched perfectly with these photos! Total accident!


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