Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Miller - One Month!

Our sweet new friend is already ONE MONTH OLD!!
Birth: 6lbs 8oz, 19 3/4 in long
1 Month: 8lbs 10oz, 21 in long

(he was cold... and not happy that Mama kept taking pictures instead of snuggling him!)

Here's what Miller is up to at one month:
  • He still wears newborn outfits, the 0-3 clothes DROWN him!
  • He has the most beautiful dark blue eyes and is very calm and content 90% of the time!
  • He's a great eater, but has a hard time burping afterwards - but he NEEDS to be burped or he gets kinda grumpy!
  • We've dealt with some fussy/grumpy/grunting/crying related to gassiness - he is on Zantac now to help with that, and I think it's helped, but it's not "cured" or anything. :)
  • Because of the above, he's not the best nighttime sleeper. He will sleep for about 1 1/2 hr. in his crib, then wake up to eat (20 min), take FOREVER to burp (20 min), then start the cycle again. If I prop us up in the bed and hold him, then he'll sleep about 3 hours, so... sometimes a girl just needs some shut-eye. 
  • Daytime Miller is precious and adorable and wonderful (not that I'm not crazy about nighttime Miller too). As of Sunday, he has really started to follow you and focus in on you when you're holding him and talking to him. 
  • I'm still trying to figure out if swaddling helps him or not. Sometimes at night, he will be swaddled and fussy, and when I unswaddle him, he's happier and sleeps longer; then the next sleep cycle it's just the opposite. So it's still trial and error over here...
  • He's really good with the "Eat Play Sleep" cycle and will stay awake about an hour or so after he eats, before being ready to take a nap. 
  • He's also been taking daytime naps in his crib! What a champ!! He'll sleep about an hour or so - and BONUS points for Mommy if both boys are sleeping at the same time! Whoop whoop!!
I sure love this sweet baby! We can't imagine our family without him!!

Here's a video of Miller on his one month mirthday:

And a side-by-side of my boys at one month:


  1. Aww, sweet guy! He is beautiful! :) I love how you are doing the monthly pictures like Jack's but with a different color diaper that also matches the pillow. They look great!

    1. Thanks Sami! I actually planned to put him in the blue diaper, but when I went to put it on him, I remembered that Jack was wearing it right then! So the green one it was - now I'm really glad it worked out that way! :) Love you!!


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