Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Miller - First 3 Weeks

Here are a TON of pictures from the first 3 weeks of Miller's life!

road trip to the Cookie Jar cafe!

meeting Mamaw (2/26)

meeting Grandmother (Gam-unner) & Granddaddy (G-daddy) Lawhorn

snuggles on the couch!!

first tummy time! (3/2)

meeting Emily! (3/2)

...and Samantha! (too bad it didn't work out to have both my buddies here at the same time, but it was still WONDERFUL to see them both!!!)


"Mi-wah's mouth!" (3/8)

brave Mommy taking both boys to Chick-Fil-A by myself! (3/8)

mmmm... brownie!!

holding brother for the first time! (3/9)

meeting cousin John Luke, just 10 days apart!! (I'm holding Luke and Elizabeth is holding Miller!) (3/10)

brothers holding each other's babies! so sweet!!!

Miller (left) and Luke (right)

"Sure, honey - I'll watch the baby!" Father-son bonding over video games.

Hanging out with Aunt Cara! (3/11)

first time out walking through the neighborhood, first time in the Baby Bjorn (he is in there, I promise) - MOMMY WAS EXHAUSTED!! (3/12)

Miller James - we love you so much and are so glad that you decided to make an early appearance! I can't remember life without you!!


  1. I have to say it again...you look AMAZING for just having baby numero dos! Also, you are a brave, awesome momma of two sweet boys! Let me know that next time you get out, me and Hank would love to join!

    1. You are too sweet!! I'm sure we will be out again soon- if I DARE venture out to Hamilton Place, I will call you! :)


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