Wednesday, February 27, 2008

always something else to do.

So who's with me on this? Anytime you know there's something you should be doing - let's say, studying - there are always 100 other things that just happen to pop up to keep you from doing it. I know I see some heads nodding out there. You're always hungrier when you have to study... your messy room is just now starting to bother you... Facebook is that much more addictive.
It doesn't matter what it is that's keeping you from doing it - sometimes what you choose to do instead is very productive. One of those kinds of things that if you knew you had to do it, you would find something else to do. (I think I might have lost a few of you on that one.) Ex. I hate cleaning my room. I hate studying. I would rather clean my room than study on most occasions, but if I was told to clean my room, I might just have homework that I'd rather do. Come on, you KNOW you do the same thing. :)

THIS is what I mean when I say blogging = rambling!

I've been icky sick the past 2 days... well, I didn't realize I was sick until I got home from the Golden Key Mixer and I had a 100.2* temperature. Booooooo. So I took some sleepy drugs and went to bed and then still felt pretty gross this morning. Today I've had lots of "rest" and probably not enough fluids, but I think I'll live. Who knows, I might even grace school with my presence tomorrow. (I kinda have to since I have a quiz in Mkt. Research.)

Oooooooh yeah! I got fitted for my BRiDeSMaiDs DReSs!!! YAY!!! They are absolutely gorgeous; Alex did a great job. July will be here before we know it and I will be the proud friend of Mrs. Walker. :) WHOO HOO!! I pretty much know at least one couple getting married every month from June until December! CRAZY TIMES people! I can't wait for that time in my own life, but I'm a stressball as it is with the end of college closer every day (what is it like 9 weeks now?!) that I can't imagine throwing that into the mix. Not that I would complain. But not that I want that. Okay. Yeah, so now that I've awkwardly covered all my bases.

I've got to go do one of those things that you go write a 10 minute blog instead of doing. :) Go me.

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  1. i'm glad you love your dress because i LOOOOOVE your dress! and weddings and yes everything else you said.

    yesterday i had to sign a paper Alexandra Walker. it was awesome! i had to fill out my application for my teacher's liscense with what my name will be in august. woohoO!



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