Sunday, February 24, 2008

birthday parties and sore muscles

HEEEEY HEEEEY! Today I got to take my bro to a birthday party at the climbing gym close to where I work, and Jason was sweet enough to come along! We dropped Nick off, went and ate some Mr. T's, looked around at homes in the area and made it back in time to listen to 15 kids blowing noisemakers and running around like crazy people with pirate hats and eyepatches. It was amazing. :) Anyway, if we had had a little more cash between the two of us, we both would have climbed, but we had enough for Jason so he could climb with Nick. They were really cute and if I could figure out how to post a video on here, I would (check my facebook). Until then, pictures from my phone will have to do!

J coaching Nick on where to go next.

Jason showin' off his buff bod and sweet skills. :)

Kade, Jason, and Nick.

My cutie-patootie little bro.

All for now - check back for when we go again and I get to climb. Get ready.

Oh and P.S. - GOOOOOO VOLS!!!!! 66-62 - We're #1!!

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