Thursday, February 21, 2008

hip. hop. yo.

Emily and I are members of the Rush but I haven't been going at ALL lately, so we went 2 Mondays ago to try out a spin class. We got there about 10 minutes early, but that was apparently about 10 minutes too late - there was only 1 bike left! We wanted to do it together so we decided to just go work out on our own, since we were already there. Around 6:25 or so, we realized that the hip-hop class started in 5 minutes! Em had done it once before to the "Apple Bottom Jeans" song ("Low"), which I had never heard until that class, by the way.

So we decided to do it and it was SOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!! We had an absolute blast!! Our dance was originally to the Justin Timberlake song (youtube link below) but then this Monday we finished learning it and our teacher (also Emily) thought it worked even better with the Britney Spears song (link below). Okay so I don't particularly know what the words are to either song... maybe I should check that out... but our dance is AWESOME!!

::if you DO listen to the songs, just minimize the actual website so you don't have to watch the lovely ms. spears dance around like a... well... just minimize the page, ok?:: - Spears - Timberlake

*Sometime - if you're lucky, or unlucky, I guess - we might post a video of us doing the dance!

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  1. i totally want to see it to the timberlake song sometime.


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