Friday, February 22, 2008

some seriously great movies

As I'm sitting here, I'm trying to think of some good movies I've seen lately. I know they're in that brain somewhere... just trying to pull them out is the problem. Well last week I saw Jumper with Jason for B.Cool's birthday. It was a pretty good movie! Twists, turns, action, love - you know, the basics. And TONIGHT we saw Vantage Point!!!! It was amazing. No really. PLEASE leave your computer right now and go see it. And go to the bathroom before you go in there, because this is not a movie you're going to want to miss a minute of. Um, yeah, so let's see we did that, played pool (of course) and then went to GreenLife, grabbed some dinner at 517 Subs, and then came home and watched American Gangster with Sam. I liked it okay, but the language was a little much for me... as would be expected in any "gangster-related" movies. :) So now I'm safe and sound in bed and ready to SLEEEEEEP!

*By the way, anyone who's reading this who knows how to change the top graphic, please let me know. Oh yeah, and anyone who'd like to help me design something to put in the top graphic once I figure out how to do that, also let me know. :)

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