Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No. Stinkin'. Way.

I'll try to inform you of the craziness that is my life when it comes to Spring Break '08. It has been planned for quite some time now that I will be getting my wisdom teeth out on March 10th (at 10:15, just in case you were wondering). So whoo hoo. My big plans for my senior year spring break = applesauce, mashed potatoes, sleeping, and lots of chick flicks.

Yesterday morning Meagan texts me and says, "Orlando next week, you in?" (not her exact words, in case she's reading this) and I'm like yeah buddy, minus the fact that I'm getting teeth pulled. Surely I'll be fine to go (that's my wishful thinking, of course). And she goes on to inform me that she has passes for Disney and wants me and Jason to be able to go with her and Brandon. HOLY COW! So I'm like freaking out thinking that there's some possibility that I could get to go to DISNEY WORLD!! (By the way, I've only been once ever and you can't even really count it because I was 5 and I truly don't remember ANYTHING. Oh yeah , and get this - I got mad at my parents for making me leave elementary school early that day because we were watching a play at school. Come on now.) So anyways, me and Meg are totally in. Now it was time to move on to the boys.

Brandon is all about it and so is Jason. WHOO HOO!! We're in the clear!... Not yet. Next on the list is my parents. Holla at me if you've ever heard the "I can't drive anywhere because the Volvo might break down" stories. Well, now that the Volvo's gone, I still have limited freedom when it comes to where I can go. Crazy enough my parents are ALL FOR IT and couldn't be happier that I have the opportunity to go to Disney. And they said that it would be no problem to reschedule my wisdom teeth appointment. Whew! Mark that one off the list. Then it's on to Brandon's parents. Check. Okay, so we're ALL GO for this! So we make reservations for Wed. through Sat. and I go to bed (or lay awake in bed, rather) as giddy as a little kid! I seriously couldn't get to sleep last night because I was dreaming of standing in front of Cinderella's castle!!! AHHH!!! Okay. I'm over it. (Not really.)

Then today I wake up to a phone call from Jason saying that there's really no way he can get off work for 3 days next week on such short notice. So then it's back to the drawing board. We're going. We're not going. Back and forth, so I've been going nuts today (along with the other members of my party, I'm sure). But here it is Wednesday and after all the craziness, we ARE going! Jason can get off two days so we just moved the trip to Thurs. to Sun.

Whew, I'm exhausted. Are you? :) So no wisdom teeth until after graduation (ptl.) and Minnie, here I come. There's still some part of me that's waiting for it to all fall apart, but hopefully that'll go away in the next few days as I'm PACKING and making sure my autograph book is dusted off. (Not really. Of course I'm buying a new one, silly.)



  1. ok, i think it's hilarious that we both got our wisdom teeth out and went to disney the next week!
    you can handle it :)
    i'm psyched you're going to disney! i love you and hope you have a blast! just to let you know, the rockin' rollercoaster at MGM is the best i've ever been on. space mountain at the magic kingdom also rocks. girl, you're going to love it! tell me everything :) and have fun!!!!!!!!

  2. i'm so happy i found this from Alex's blog. and i'm so jealous that y'all get to go to Disney! have fun!

  3. oh...that was from me...Becca...not my parents.


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