Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poor Miller

So remember my post about Miller needing to gain weight? Well, I started him on cereal mixed with formula and he really loved it! At least for a while. Then on July 3rd about 5:30pm, he threw up everywhere... Poor buddy! So no big deal, change our clothes and move on. Then in the middle of the night, he threw up again! 

So we called the doctor the next day and luckily (since it was July 4th), our doctor was the one on-call! By that point he had thrown up 3-4 times, so she called in an anti-nasuea medicine for him and told us to hold off on anymore cereal. 

He ended up throwing up a total of 5 times :'( but after a few doses of the nausea medicine, he was able to keep his food down. Come on, little buddy - you're supposed to be GAINING WEIGHT not puking! 

He's all better now, but I still brace myself every time he burps... assuming I'm about to get puked on again.

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