Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 and Goodbye Blog

Yes, you read right. I'm hanging up the towel on the 'ol blog for now. 

Blogging hasn't been high on my priority list lately, but then I would feel guilty when I went so long without posting. This is self-induced guilt, I know, but I just need to make a clean break for now. 

I have written almost 1,000 posts over a span of 6 years. I've documented single life, dating, engagement, marriage, baby #1, and baby #2 - and I've LOVED doing it! But now my days are full of diapers, dishes, and dirty clothes; games, giggles, and Goldfish.

I could make time, but right now there are just other things needing my attention.

I will still be around on Facebook and Instagram, so follow me there if you want to keep up with the happenings of our family!

Christmas 2013

We got back from Jamaica and found out that Miller had run a fever most of the 5 days we were gone. Then the night of the 23rd, both the boys were up constantly, and we made the decision to head to the doctor on Christmas Eve to find out that both boys had double ear infections! POOR THINGS!!! 

Not exactly how we had planned to spend our Christmas... We decided to just see how things were going on Christmas Day and go from there. 

(Jack is excited 1. because it's Christmas and 2. because Miller is pulling up ALL the time now!)

Christmas morning!!

Watching the parade and waving at Woody.

That was enough excitement for Miller. :)

Both boys were acting totally fine, so we decided to go on to my parents house for festivities. 


Then it was Jack's turn to pass out.

Christmas Card 2013

Here is our family Christmas card from this year:

And here's all the amazing photo cards we got from friends near and far:

We Went to Jamaica - AGAIN!!

So here's something crazy - we went to Jamaica again! It was a little bit spontaneous (booked a month out), and a LOT of fun! We went to the same place we went last year, Secrets St. James.

This time, since I wasn't pregnant, I was able to go snorkeling with Jason! It was such a fun experience, and the reef there was amazing:

Check out the RAY in the picture below! Ahh!

Aaaand Jason saw all these jellyfish while he was out on his own one day. 
I. Would. Have. DIED.

So we did some sea kayaking 
(Sorry for the low back shot...)

...some swimming...

...And a TON of reading!!

We had yummy dinners again at Portofino, Bordeaux, and Blue Mountain!

View from our balcony:

It was such a fun and fabulous trip! 

And our first time away from Miller!! The boys stayed 3 nights at the Millers and 2 nights at the Guins, and unfortunately Miller was sick the whole time we were gone! Then Jack got it as soon as we got home on the 23rd, so our Christmas was a little different than we expected... but that is for another post! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dreamy December

December is going by like a flash... My boys are now almost 2.5 and 10 months old. I always have a dream of actually ENJOYING December, and ya know what? We've actually been doing that! So here are a bunch of pictures... and a few words. 

New Bible for Kids app - so cute, so fun

Little People Nativity - resisting the urge to place them all back where they're "supposed to be", but at least I convinced Jack to put Mary by Jesus - so he wouldn't miss his mommy. 

Bathtime fun - can't believe they're finally at an age where bathtime is fun together!

Ringing the bell!! - this sweet Salvation Army volunteer let Jack ring the bell! He was SO PUMPED!

Shopping with mom - in matching jackets 

Rock City Enchanted Garden of Lights - We'd only been there 10 minutes and Jack stepped into a creek and soaked his left shoe and halfway up his jeans. Poor thing refused to walk, so Jason carried him through the whole thing! We still had a lot of fun - just had a funny story to remember too!

Sweet boy excited about all things Christmas

Decorating a gingerbread house!

Happy Birthday Jesus party!!

Daddy couldn't wait to give Jack his puzzle - early Christmas!

Intentional learning activities - I'm trying to work on some skills like pouring with Jack. He had so much fun doing this! Hence the tongue sticking out. 

Christmas tree and some of our MANY Christmas cards!

Miller-man cheesin' it up!

Oooh pretty tree!

Make your own Green Cleaning Party!

Sunday School party - Rachel, Debra, me and Becca. Photobomb courtesy of Jon. 

Nick turned 16!!!!! Cannot believe he is that old! And TALL!!

Moving the boys into the "Big Boy Room" 

Miller pulled up to standing for the first time! Trying to be like big brother...

MOPS fun with my girls!

Love our Advent calendar, but sweet Jack doesn't understand why we only get to do 1 day at a time. (Notice Jesus is already "borned".)

Everyday moments. :)

Christmas jammies!

Jack's first dentist appointment!

Little rascal keeping me up - but then he says "mama" and I melt. I'm in trouble with this one!

Welcome to Moe's! 

And this brings us up to date. It has been such a sweet month. I tried so hard to pre-plan this year, and I think it has paid off! 

One week until Christmas!


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