Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

We got back from Jamaica and found out that Miller had run a fever most of the 5 days we were gone. Then the night of the 23rd, both the boys were up constantly, and we made the decision to head to the doctor on Christmas Eve to find out that both boys had double ear infections! POOR THINGS!!! 

Not exactly how we had planned to spend our Christmas... We decided to just see how things were going on Christmas Day and go from there. 

(Jack is excited 1. because it's Christmas and 2. because Miller is pulling up ALL the time now!)

Christmas morning!!

Watching the parade and waving at Woody.

That was enough excitement for Miller. :)

Both boys were acting totally fine, so we decided to go on to my parents house for festivities. 


Then it was Jack's turn to pass out.

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