Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Jack - 11 Months

(check out something new at the very bottom of this post - an audio file!)
Birth: 7lbs 8oz, 21in long
1 Month: 9lbs 4oz, 22 3/4in long
2 Months: 11lbs 12oz, 24in long
3 Months: 13lbs 6oz, 25 3/4in long
4 Months: 14lbs 6oz, 27 1/4in long
5 Months: 15lbs 9oz, 27 3/4in long
6 Months: 16lbs 6oz, 28 1/4in long
7 Months: 17lbs 0oz, 28 1/4in long
8 Months: 17lbs 6oz, 28 1/2in long
9 Months: 18lbs 7oz, 29 3/4in long
10 Months: 19lbs 4oz, 29 3/4in long
11 Months: 19lbs 6oz, 30 1/4in long

I can't believe that it's almost been a year. 
This sweet, amazing, wonderful, precious child is my world.

Here is what Jack is up to at 11 months:
  • He still has 2 teefers (teeth) and no sign of any new ones! 
  • He is eating the same as last month, though now he is CRAAAAAZY about "puffs" (aka baby CRACK). He is doing a great job feeding himself puffs and "baby cheetos" but will not touch table food or chunky baby foods. 
  • He has been sleeping WONDERFULLY!! Yay yay yay! He goes to bed at 7:30pm, wakes up about 10pm or so to nurse one last time, then sleeps until about 7:30am. He still wakes up about 2 or 3 every once in a while, but overall we are doing SO MUCH BETTER on nighttime these days!! Whoo hooooooo!!
  • He can say so many words now - it is so exciting! Jack can say: DaDa, MaMa, duck (more like "dut"), ball, ding (we heard a bell when someone walked in a store and I said "Can you say ding ding ding?" and sure enough - he did!), and wow. :)
  • Jack can also whistle! HILARIOUS. He puts his lips in the perfect O shape and then sucks in and blows out - he can whistle! 
  • His favorite thing right now is ceiling fans. Seriously! Jason will say "Do you want to go see the fan?" (which is in our guest room/office) and he goes crazy and giggles!! We're planning to put one in his room this weekend. :)
And now a video of Jack on his eleven month mirthday (his last MIRTHDAY before his birthday!):

And SOMETHING NEW!!! Jack doesn't like to "perform" on video, but I was able to record a voice memo on my phone of him talking in the car the other day, so click below to hear him talking!

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  1. goes by fast, huh? I love the pics, he is so stinkin' cute!


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