Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hound me all you want, but...

I've already decorated for Christmas!!!!

Yes, I realize the date. It's only Nov. 18th (well, it was the 16th when I did it...) but it just felt SO RIGHT to decorate early!!! Jason and I went decoration shopping Sunday after church and I got a little tree, icicle lights for the sunroom, a gawdy star for the top (which I later decided was a bit much.. will be returning that..), cute ornaments (that are too big for the tree so I'm going to string them up and hang them in the living room), and stuff to decorate a wreath! I also got my
Willow Tree Nativity out for the first time!! I got the first part of the set last year for Christmas, so of course, it was a little late to put out for decoration, but now that I have my own place, I can do whatever I want! Like putting out Christmas decorations several weeks early. And hey - it's never too early to start celebrating the birth of Christ!!!

I will take a picture of the living room this afternoon and try to get my internet at home to work long enough to post it. :)


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