Thursday, November 20, 2008

Food and Friends!

Okay, this is a couple weeks overdue, but I just realized yesterday when I was posting picture of my Christmas-y apartment, that these were still on my camera! Brandon had a birthday party the weekend before I went on my Arkansas trip, and it was so fun! There were a ton of people there and I got pictures of most of them!

Brandon, Corey, Mike, Jason, Becca, Emily(hiding behind...) David, and Keith. I think that's possibly George Liner's booty - and he's probably getting Kate from Susan. :) (Yeah, that has to be it - look at Daddy Keith looking longingly at his sweet baby girl - you know that's what's going on!)

Our WONDERFUL cooks! Sue and Jennifer put together a HUGE spread of seafood and all the fixins'!

Look at that table!! And there's "Goose", Reilly, AT, and Susan.

There's the birthday boy himself - with a very full mouth.

Yay for Food and Friends!!!! :)


  1. I agree! Food and Friends and the best!

  2. are the best...i was typing too fast


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