Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I Love: Podcasts

If you dropped in on me during nap time, and I was tending to all the house things (& not taking a nap), you will find me listening to one of two things - a sermon or a podcast. When the boys are awake we usually listen to music (Pandora: 2012 Top Christian Radio), but when I've got to deal with mountains of dishes like this:

...I love to listen to podcasts. And here are a few of my favorites (all free & found in the iTunes store under podcasts).

The first podcast I started listening to was the Simple Mom podcast by Tsh Oxenrider of the Art of Simple (formerly SimpleMom.net). I have always enjoyed reading her blog, and loved hearing her interview some of my other favorite bloggers. It has now changed to her having the same 6 co-hosts and you basically get to listen in on their conversations. Crazy, I know, but so entertaining and informative. Some of her co-hosts are Myquillin Smith (the Nester),  Hayley Morgan (Tiny Twig), Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky), and Kat Lee (Inspired to Action). Which leads me to...

The second podcast I can't miss is the Inspired to Action podcast by Kat Lee. On one of the Simple Mom episodes with Kat, she mentioned starting her own podcast, and I couldn't download it fast enough. (I have an endless sink of dishes - I need an endless queue of podcasts!) I was going to tell you which episodes of hers are my favorites, but I've really enjoyed most all of them. However, I was SUPER PUMPED when I was listening to episode 13 and she read MY comment from her iTunes reviews! (And apparently my iTunes name is waaaay old - itsmeSG was my username when I got my very first iPod, so that's the name she says when she reads my comment.) I felt like a celebrity - I have arrived, people! Anyway, I always get something out of her episodes, like on one of the more recent ones (episode 18), she interviews a friend of hers whose husband left her and her 3 children. After listening to it, one commenter said it "stunned her into gratitude" for her husband. Completely agree. Worth the listen.

Also, from Kat and her friend Katie Orr is the HelloMornings podcast, from the HelloMornings community which was created after Kat's ebook Maximize Your Mornings. So far there is only 1 episode, but I know this will be another one on my have-to-read list.

Another podcast Kat recommended is the This is Your Life podcast by Michael Hyatt. It is a business leadership focused show, but as Kat says, running a household is a lot like running a business. I have found a lot of great information from his episodes!

A couple quick podcasts that are from the same website are the "Quick and Dirty Tips" podcasts. I subscribe to MightyMommy and Domestic CEO, but have also found some gems in the Get-It-Done Guy podcast too. These are typically short (7-10 minutes vs. the 45-1hr episodes from SM and I2A) and are, as the title says, quick tips.

And since we're already talking about podcasts, I might as well go ahead and tell you about some of the sermons I've been listening to.

Ok, that is a TON of information and a ton of links. I've been listening to podcasts for years, so this post is long overdue for me. :)

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? You know I want to know!!


  1. freakonomics radio is my favorite. you can get it free on the apple podcast app, too. one of the most interesting ones i've listened to is "the economist's guide to parenting" but the guy covers a ton of topics and talks about how money influences and effects literally everything. it makes my long runs more bearable. :)

    1. Awesome!! I'm going to go download it right now!

  2. Ok, I feel really old! I have never listened to pod casts and am not really sure what they are?!! EekK! It's the truth though! So is it basically a radio station? Or a recording of something like the sermons?

    1. Haha! You're not old! They are basically recordings, and they can be on a MILLION different topics. The Inspired to Action ones are truly my favorites. I feel like I'm always shown something that the Lord uses in my life. Definitely worth checking out! :)


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