Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4-Wheeler-Phobics Anonymous

Sitting on the edge of your seat now, are we? (If you haven't read yesterday's post, this won't make much sense.) Okay, so I called Jason and asked if he wanted me to go with him and all the wheelin' boys (and girls) and he was like, "Yeah, sure, if you really want to. I'd love for you to come."

I might need to set you guys up a little more on this whole phobia of mine. In a past life I have been thrown off/fallen off several times and had one land on top of me. No serious injuries, so don't feel too bad for me, just emotional damage to the extreme. It's so bad that a few months ago, maybe longer than that, Jason and I were at Brandon's and he convinced me to ride around the yard with him. All was fine until Jason looked like he might possibly be looking in the direction of their V-shaped ditch area and I lost it. Not just like, "Oh no, Jason - I'm scared!" but like full blown sobbing, TERRIFIED that he'd actually take me in the ditch. Yeah. It's bad.

Now you understand why this is such a big deal that I willingly said, "Hey, take me to my death today!" Anyway they got to my house to ride in the woods down to Edwards Point and other places and I put on the helmet that soon became my best friend and poor Jason's worst enemy. This is Andy's helmet and it has this great front visor, perfect if the sun is in your eyes, not so perfect if you're sitting very close, directly behind your sweetheart boyfriend. I don't know if you've thought it through yet, but with every bump in the beginning, I continuously rammed my helmet visor into the back of poor J's head. But he was too sweet about it, he was just excited I was there and every time I was like, "Oh, sorry babe!!" he just laughed and said, "Don't worry about it, you don't have to keep apologizing." :) What a sweetie.

So here I am, riding with the love of my life on the back of a little baby 4-wheeler. And get this - I'm having fun! Sure, there was the occasional, "AHHH!! Don't go down that way!!" and "Please PLEASE let me off! I'm freaking out!" but for the most part, it was great! Oh, and another random fun/not so fun fact about the machine we were riding on: the engine was "exposed," as Megan said, and for those of you who need further explanation, that means when Jason (who's in shorts, short socks, and tennis shoes) reaches his left ankle to shift gears, he will be burned by the ridiculously hot engine. Then he will get a blister. Then he'll do it again, accidentally, of course, and get a blister on his blister. Now he has a mondo one, poor thing, but he takes it in stride because I manned-up and went 4-wheeling.

One more thing: I'm going to take a picture of my shoes and put it on here so you can see what my cute, barely worn outside, work-out tennis shoes look like post-excursion. The end.

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